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The authorized Canadian Importer of CRYODERM® products. Working in partnership with key distributors and health care providers throughout Canada to provide professional pain relief products to Canadians.


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Cryoderm Cold

Cold Therapy Products

It’s as cold as ice! Fast acting, deep penetrating, long lasting pain relief from: arthritis, bursitis, tendonitis, painful elbow, wrist, hip, knee and ankle joints; back, shoulder and neck pain; muscle strains, sprains and spasms, sore muscles & muscle cramps; foot, heel and ankle pain, leg cramps; neuromas, diabetic neuropathy and plantar fasciitis. Contains Essential OIls and other natural ingredients such as: Arnica, Boswellia, Eucalyptus, Ilex, Menthol, MSM, and Peppermint OIl.

CryoDerm Heat

Heat Therapy Products

CryoDerm heat warming products provide fast acting, deep penetrating, long lasting pain relieving warmth for muscle strains, sore stiff muscles, bursitis, tendonitis, arthritis and joint pain. Contains Capsaicin, Camphor and other natural ingredients such as: Aloe Barbadensis, Arnica, Boswellia, Green Tea Extract, Ilex, MSM, Tocopheryl Acetate and Yucca Aloifolia.

Myofascial Warming Ointment & Cream

For use by manual therapy professional only. CryoDerm Myofascial Warming Ointment and Cream were developed to enhance all manual therapies. Their advanced formulations with Glide to Resistance Ratio technology provides the correct amount of glide to resistance ratio for myofascial release, deep transverse friction, assisted Rom, stripping, breaking up adhesions. Compatible with all modalities where tools made of stainless steel or other materials are being used for the purpose of specific tissue mobilization, stretching connective tissue and muscle fibers, separating and breaking down scar tissues collagen cross-links, as well as all other therapeutic hands on modalities.

About Us

CryoDerm’s eco-friendly, dye-free, gluten-free, silicone-free, paraben-free, methyl-salicylate-free products have been available since 2000. As users of CryoDerm topical pain relievers ourselves, we realized we needed to help people live productive, pain free lives. We have made CryoDerm products readily available to the Canadian medical market. Are you a healthcare provider interested in reselling Cryoderm? Please apply here.

Available in all provinces

All Cryoderm products are available for shipping in Ontario, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Alberta, British Columbia, Newfoundland and Labrador. You can also browse our preferred health care professional directory to find medical facilities that can provide you with our products.

Using CryoDerm Can:


Reduce Pain


Reduce Swelling


Recover Faster


Relief That Lasts

There Are 86,400 Precious Seconds In A Day. Why Spend Any Of Them In Pain?


I’ve tried a lot of pain relief products over the past 7+ years because of my Fibromyalgia(FMS) and CyroDerm is one of the best that helps me with my severe pain. Other reasons why I prefer CyroDerm is because I am not allergic to the smell even though it is strong (sometimes helps me breath better) – I like the Roll-on because I can put it right on the spot and I can apply pressure to the roll-on ball which helps me massage my muscles. It may not help everyone but I am really glad I took a chance on it and have been using it for 3 years now. Best of luck to all who suffer with chronic pain! P.S. It has also been helpful with my Restless Leg Syndrome(RLS)when my legs, ankles and feet hurt so bad and CyroDerm has been the only thing that I have found to help with the cramping, deep and sharp pain that comes with RLS & FMS.

Kem R. Muckleroy

I was first introduced to Cryoderm after a rear end automobile accident three years ago. It instantly relieved me of the pain I was experiencing. This product is incredible! – relieves muscle pain almost instantly. Within seconds Cryoderm evaporates but keeps working to relieve pain. I would highly recommend this product for muscle pain.

Ron Dixon

For years I have had bad neck pain and nothing had ever seemed to help ease it until I tried CryoDerm. It made the pain go away and stay away for hours. It made my neck feel the best it has felt in a long time. It was easy to apply and did not transfer onto my clothes. It also smells good! I highly recommend the CryoDerm Roll-on for anyone with neck pain.

Jessica B.

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